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Our Clients

Our focus and partnering approach with our clients ensures the name of KCE FM remains upheld and un-equalled in our service commitment and in the way we deliver our service overall. 

KCE FM successfully partner our many clients in the Commercial, Educational, Healthcare, Industrial, Leisure, Network Communications, Pharmaceutical, Residential & Retail business sectors. 

We provide our customers integrated services on a one-stop basis in all aspects of high-tech building services engineering and building fabric solutions - from initial consultation, design, planning & installation, through to operational maintenance and ongoing building Life Cycle Management. 

Our diverse engineering capabilities ensure that we can respond to our clients' requirements swiftly and with the minimum of disruption to their business, with our exceptional high level of service delivery giving us a client retention rate of more than 92%. 

Inspiring confidence, fairness, openness, leading performance and 
creating operational excellence
Smart FM Software

At KCE FM, we utilise market-leading programs such as E-Logbooks and SharePoint to provide our clients with full access and total openness in all areas of their contract works.

Using these cloud-based, multi-platform systems, which are tailored to fit each of our client's requirements, we are able to share a range of information on our facilities and contract management in real time. From quotations to service reports, from programmes to statutory certification, our clients have full access to their contract documentation from anywhere on the globe.

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