KCE FM bring it home with a 19-5 win!

Well, What a cracking result! We can safely say everyone played like true heroes!

Firstly, a big thanks to our two extra players that helped out at short notice, James (Building Manager at 1 Southampton Row) and Steve (Paul’s Wimbledon supporter friend). The KCE players that played were: Steve Sabo (Captain), Gary James (Vice), Luke Clark (GK), Paul Evans, Grant Clayton. They performed heroics! Luke saved a penalty and numerous 1 on 1’s and was easily man of the match. KCE were playing a team were undefeated this year so it was a strong game, Luckily we had a strong team ourselves. Each man played a role and they all ended up with a few bruises after 100% commitment during the match. Gary (never lean back) James scores an unbelievable great team goal, Paul (the destroyer) Evans was a wall at the back, Steve Sabo easily found the spaces, Grant (chase the ball) Clayton found the net regularly. While James scores a hat trick in the first 5 minutes, and Steve was playing like a Wimbledon player. Support was given vocally on the side lines from Paul Bancroft and Dan Wallbridge assisted in the after match celebrations. All in all we demolished the opposition 19-5 with a truly polished performance. Well done boys, a brilliant warm up match!

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