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It is with absolute pleasure that we announce the appointment of Danny Curwood and Paul Evans as Directors of KCE FM, and no man could wish for two finer men to walk beside him.

Danny has always been a great strength to me and he has worked closely and tirelessly beside me for almost 11 years now, and provides myself, our team and our Clients with a huge level of technical and contractual support with his vast in-depth knowledge of building services and West Ham alike, and I’m very confident that Danny will continue to help take us forward steadfastly in his new role of Operations Director.

Like Danny, Paul also has almost 10 years of loyal service to myself, to KCE FM and to our Clients. Paul has an amazing eye for attention to detail and business etiquette, embracing systems, processes and procedures in absolutely everything he does, which will continue to help take us forward, providing high levels of compliance and Client confidence whilst strengthening our overall capabilities in his new role of Contracts Director.

I am sure that you will all join me in congratulating Danny and Paul on their well-deserved promotion onto the Board of our fine company, which will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Callum Yates

Managing Director & CEO

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