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Island peak expedition 2017 with Ascent Explorers team & KCE FM

As some of you may know, one of our fine Engineers and very own intrepid explorer; Dan Bouskilla, leads some of the toughest expeditions around the globe, operated all over the world from - the highest Mountains to vast Deserts, Arctic tundra and dense Jungle. Recently, Dan undertook an incredible feat completing the Island Peak Expedition in the Himalayas, and he proudly carried the KCE FM Flag the whole way!

“Why I do it? I don’t even know myself sometimes, especially when its -25 to 30’C and then adding wind chill factor, Altitude sickness, filthy body hygiene lack of sleep and food, sounds great right!? I’ve always said it’s basically soldiering without a weapon.

Anyway apart from all the negative points, the positive points are reaching your goals after days and days of graft the feeling of true accomplishment despite the odds. Up there everything is against you the weather, the lack of oxygen your own body! When we accomplish these hard to reach objectives its very rewarding and for some inspires them in and out of work, and shows them they can achieve anything and not to doubt themselves I love this side of expeditions it’s all about the people the team how we deal with obstacles together!

Leadership in extreme conditions is tough having to motivate individuals to push on when they have nothing left, but when they do and they reach the summit it’s awesome and this is why I do it!

Our typical dally routine included a 9-12 hour hike for 14 days, with the longest day being the summit day where we’re up at Midnight and climbing/hiking solid for over 18hrs, this is what it takes to reach over 6000 meters then get back to a safe altitude.

It was a great expedition and it was an honour to take the KCE FM flag with me, I’m proud to be part of a team that has all the qualities I look for in my own.”

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