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Another fantastic year for KCE FM at the Nuclear Race 2019!

Our team at KCE FM, together with our friends, families and locally sponsored football team have pushed themselves to the limit once again at the Nuclear Races held in Brentwood, Essex in May earlier this year, all in aid of the Violet Reynolds Son Rise Programme.

Violet is a beautiful young girl who has autism which is a developmental disorder that affects social communication, social interaction and imagination. Violet also has sensory processing disorder, a condition which means the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses. Whether you are biting into food, riding a bike or reading a book, your successful completion of the activity requires processing sensation. Walking along the street, listening to a bird singing, or just being in a shop can be overwhelming and very distressing for Violet and cause a sensory overload, however Violet has made continuous excellent progress but still has many challenges with the difficulties she has in life, and we are all very proud to be able to support Violet along the way.

We were also extremely proud to have smashed our sponsorship target again once again this year and we raised a whopping £3,473.00 to help Violet, and it’s a humongous thank you to all those who ran, walked, staggered, swam and in some cases sank in the treacle-like mud, and to all our friends and supporters that helped us reach this goal with huge respect to you all.

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