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KCE FM is running the Nuclear Race!

KCE FM will be entering a team for the Nuclear Race on 20th May this year to help support Violet Reynolds.

Violet has Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information which comes in through the senses. This means that simple everyday tasks such as walking along a street, looking at a book or being in a shop can result in a sensory overload which is extremely overwhelming and distressing for Violet.

Monies raised from this event will help fund an individual sensory plan with the help of a sensory specialist who will attend Violets school. Violet may not be able to tell you her name, write a sentence or read a book but she is loving, bright and determined little girl and the progress she has made over the last 3 years is amazing.


You can help support this wonderful cause here:


Alongside the Orsett Park Royals Under 13’s football team, There are 17 courageous people taking part on behalf of our wonderful team,, who are ready to tackle a 12km course distance over ultra-gritty, properly muddy, obstacle-loaded farmland set in the heart of the Secret Bunker Estate, Essex.

• Paul Evans

• Ken Dunne

• Joseph Stevens

• Werner Schutz

• Ryan Lockwood

• Dan Bouskila

• Ellie Yates

• Grant Clayton

• Thomas Woodham

• Madi Macgregor

• Dean Cloves

• Neil Holmes

• Paul Mundy

• Anthony Adam

• Chris Duffy

Below are the links to the Nuclear Race website which shows you what we’ve signed up for!!

Click here for more information on the Nuclear Races

Nuclear is well known for delivering award winning events with big, high quality achievable, man-made and natural obstacles designed to test every ability of fitness on fast-paced, flowing, punishing courses over epic varied terrain. We shall be expecting the infamous Deathslide, Zip-lines & 120m Gorilla bars at this event plus loads more!

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